In the novel Head On; the NYPD takes down ISIS


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... a steady pace throughout, including frequent dialogue exchanges, while Jimmy turns into the kind of protagonist who can easily carry his own series.

    Dynamic characters -good and bad guys alike -beef up this action-laden tale.

-Kirkus Reviews


... a literary thriller that romps through the streets of New York City... replete with fast-paced action and nonstop confrontations, Head On represents the kind of thriller that makes readers stop and think about choices, consequences, and the intersection between political purpose, special interests, and the greater good. It is highly recommended for readers of suspense novels about international terrorism and crime.

 -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5 engaging thriller ...packed with pulse-pounding action.
...set firmly in the contemporary world and dealing with weighty geopolitical forces, the novel breezes along thanks to gifted storytelling. While it is plot driven, the book excels at characterization. ...a rip-roaring and engaging read, a novel that could establish its leadwithin a series.
A book so captivating it could be consumed in a single sitting.
Joseph S. Pete, Foreword Clarion Reviews

Head On -NYPD Takes on ISIS

Arab terrorists in Brooklyn connect with the Russian mafia in Brighton Beach and the NYPD's Captain Jimmy Gallagher wants to know why. But before he can piece it together, the FBI steps in and calls him off. Vladimir Shorotov, Russian Godfather and ex KGB head has a professional relationship with the feds. But Gallagher won't leave it alone. He goes rogue and winds up suspended. In the end, Jimmy alone realized the insidious nature of the connection. Shorotov has fronted the services of a thousand Caucasian Muslims from Chechnya to the Islamic terror cell in Brooklyn. Head On is the ultimate confrontation between terror and law and order. It is realized when thousands of well-wisher crowd onto Manhattan's Pier 92 to see the historic passing of the torch from the QE2 to the QM2. A terrorist's rocket is fired from New Jersey and over 2,000 passengers and crew break the all-time evacuation record. What follows is how the NYPD closed ranks and faced off with the terrorists who came to wreak havoc in New York City.

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About John

John Monaghan is a retired Captain of the New York City Police Department and a graduate of Harvard University.             

After fifteen years on the street, and being decorated 28 times for the intelligent performance of duty in the face of grave personal danger, the NYPD realized John's skills as a writer and assigned him to the Police Commissioner's staff to use that skill internally to write police policy. After a twenty-year career, John retired as the Commanding Officer of the Management, Orders and Directives Section and today routinely testifies as an expert witness in NYS Supreme Court, US District court and has testified before the US Congress as an expert in police use of force. He is a native of New York City and currently living in a nearby suburb with his wife and their three children.  He is now using those writing skills and his experience fighting crime to create novels based upon the exploits of NYPD Captain Jimmy Gallagher. Head on is the first of three novels he has written for History Publishing Global.

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